Thoughts of the Day: The Thot Monster Claims Another Victim - GL 120517 - Radio Aryan


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Thoughts of the Day: The Thot Monster Claims Another Victim - GL 120517

GL 120517

Through rain, sleet, snow and this week even sickness, Grandpa Lampshade toils away to bring you yet another thought (not THOT) inspiring instalment of the frogcast. GPL is under the weather this week but that won't stop us from enjoying a visit and discussing the things that interest us, we'll just have to swig enough cough medicine right out of the bottle while we do it.

Speaking of thoughts and THOTS, the THOT monster has claimed another victim this week. The despicable Jew Matt Lauer has gone down in flames due to allegations of sexual harassment. As we talked about last week, anything that's bad for an enemy we should be grateful for and by all means, don't try to defend them on some misplaced principle. Even though it's bringing my heart all sorts of joy to see the likes of Matt Lauer go down, these claims of harassment are honestly, getting more and more absurd. I thought we would discuss this absurdity in the midst of celebrating the downfall of yet another rat kike.

Our nations are so sad now, aren't they? Let's be honest, all of our once proud White nations are now just sad. In the sad nation spotlight this week, (once) Great Britain takes center stage to display an epic level of being sad. While Moslems have taken over London, rape gangs traffic young British girls and a crazy cat lady is at the helm (once) Great Britain mustered it's outrage over Donald Trump retweeting some videos showing Moslems doing what Moslems do and basically how proud of doing it they are. No outrage for the citizen victims, no apologies for ignoring Moslem rape gangs, no the outrage is for someone actually pointing out what these people do. Here's the thing though: if Donald Trump was just some British dude and not President of the United States, he would no doubt be under arrest in Britain for showing videos of Moslems doing what Moslems do. You see, in (once) Great Britain, it's illegal to discuss the truth, as doing so is against British values.

In the social media land that many of us are banished to, GAB I've noticed a trend as of late. New accounts are cropping up and these new accounts seem to have the same message: "I want to make America Great Again too Goyim........I mean fellow White people but we don't want to be like these evil Nazis". Sure some of this is just reflective of more normie conservatives coming in, but I believe it goes deeper than that. I like to call it, "Operation Get the Goyim Back on the Reservation". Our message is really resonating with the people and the Jew is worried about this. It's time to try and get the people back on the small government conservative reservation and off the nationalism war path. Will it work? They've got their work cut out for them, as we've got a good foothold in the land of GAB and we've seen this little routine time and time again and they aren't fooling anyone.

Our sermon this week at the Church of the Lampshade deals with this stupid notion that basically says, "I'm not going to do anything but wait to die because when Jesus returns, he'll give me dem Kingdom of God gibmedats". I see this time and time again and it's time to preach the truth to this lie. Do you remember the parable of the master who entrusted his servants with a certain amount of money to invest and take care of while he was away? In this story, one servant doubled the money, the second one made like 50% gain but the third servant dug a hole, threw the money in it and when the master returned dug it back up and gave the filthy dirty money back to the master. Needless to say, in this story the master didn't look favorably upon this third servant. When you refuse to do anything, when you think you can just wait to let Jesus handle everything and you will somehow get a reward for sitting on your ass you are being like that third servant. We are going to take some time in this segment and really dig down and ultimately shred this foolish and thinly veiled excuse for cowardice to pieces.

Alas due to GPL not feeling well this week we didn't quite make an hour out of the show, but we still manage to cover a lot of topics and I believe look at some of these things from an angle you perhaps haven't considered before. We face troubling times and to be honest, the odds are very much against us. World wide we are vastly outnumbered but we can either stand on honor and defend what we believe in to our last breath or we can cuck out and wait to die. The choice is mine, the choice is yours but ultimately it's our choice to make.

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Thoughts of the Day: The Thot Monster Claims Another Victim - GL 120517


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