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Forest Brother’s Audio Insurgency: Fourth Assault - FBAI 012318

Your Lordship once read in a Pro-White music magazine called ‘Resistance’ many years ago and put out for the most part by the National Alliance, something to the effect of the government of the United States and Democracy as a whole, being like termite infested structures.

If you were to tear down one wall at a time and replace it, by the time you got back to where you began, the termites would have already infested the new wall you put up. To fix the termite problem once and for all, you would have to burn the whole house down and start anew.

Western democratic societies are infested with all kinds of rats and other parasites, from top government leaders to the weak-minded working-class poor, who engage in all forms of degeneracy and filth. It is time to burn all the lies we have been force fed throughout our lives, burn the American flag (in my case), burn the Constitution, burn our Birth certificates, burn our Social Security cards and all the other forms of identity related to our traitor governments.

Our survival depends on the birth of new Ethnostates and Nations guided by a strong National Socialist philosophy, where we can once again replenish our numbers with healthy White children and strong men and women. Defeat never, victory forever!
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Presented by Lord Goyhammer

Forest Brother’s Audio Insurgency: Fourth Assault - FBAI 012318


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