Forest Brother’s Audio Insurgency: Second Assault - FBAI 010918

FBAI 2nd Assault 2.0

Lord Goyhammer lights the blue touch paper for a second blast of audio dynamite to soundtrack the revolution in 2018.

From deep behind enemy lines ensconced in the techno-tank, the master of sonic weaponry has the enemy in his sights and he’s taking no prisoners this time round.

You’d better strap yourselves in, say your prayers and prepare for the second assault.
Raid 1. Ghost Producer Division - Reflections On Violence
Raid 2. Berserkr - Lords of the Sea
Raid 3. Bound For Glory - To Untamed Lands We Sail
Raid 4. Seelenthron - Am Morgen
Raid 5. Skyforger - To The Northern Shores
Raid 6. Xurious - Camp of the Saints
Raid 7. Soul Capture - 1562
Raid 8. Amon Amarth - The Pursuit of the Vikings
Raid 9. Bound For Glory - Seawolf
Raid 10. Rome - To Die With Strangers

Presented by Lord Goyhammer

Forest Brother’s Audio Insurgency: Second Assault - FBAI 010918

Download (55:04)

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