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Forest Brother’s Audio Insurgency: Third Assault - FBAI 011618

FBAI 3rd Assault RA

Lord Goyhammer cracks open his best January Wisconsin wine and shares a glass with some of his favorite Polish comrades right here at the front, just behind the tree line and right before the Third Assault.

Throwing off the chains of materialism and with the black sun shining bright, the Silesian Wolves slowly stalk the blue helmeted enemies of the White Race to claim back their home, Europa.

As our enemies from the UN fiercely fight back with the aid of betrayals and much treason, their last hopes of regaining power are crushed under the hooves of the Winged Hussar cavalry’s final charge, once again protecting the legacy of our blood and the 14 Words.
Raid 1. Xurious - Become who We Are
Raid 2. Legacy of Blood - The Fall
Raid 3. Dark Fury - The Price of Treason
Raid 4. Crysehd - Autobahn
Raid 5. Graveland - White Winged Hussary
Raid 6. Heathen Hammer - Wings of Hussar
Raid 7. Martial - Silesian Wolves
Raid 8. Ghost Producer Division - Warsaw
Raid 9. Flame of War - Mare Tenebrarum
Raid 10. Honor - Wrath
Raid 11. Gammadion - Zawisza Czarny
Raid 12. Jannerwein - Den Berg empor

Presented by Lord Goyhammer

Forest Brother’s Audio Insurgency: Third Assault - FBAI 011618


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