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Michael Woodbridge: Mistaken for a British Spy by the Stasi - MW 012918

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Michael Woodbridge is the treasurer for the London Forum. He has been involved in Nationalism since the sixties and first read Mein Kampf when he was just 14-years-old. He joined the National Front in 1968 and then in 1970, went on a trip to Germany with his American cousin, who was a member of the National Socialist White People’s Party, headed by Matt Kohl and later by Harold Covington. In order to get to where they needed to be in Germany, they had to pass through the East German part of Berlin, which was a part of the Soviet zone.

Just like today, political activists used stickers to promote a message to the public and one of the most used messages at that time happened to be ‘Hitler was Right’ popularised by Colin Jordan of the National Socialist Movement. Michael’s cousin had been sticking these everywhere they went and once they got into East Germany, he saw an opportunity that could not be missed when they came upon a huge poster of Lenin in an underground train station. Lenin was pointing his finger at a crowd and Michael’s cousin decided to put one of the ‘Hitler Was Right’ stickers right on the end of his finger. They both thought this was hilarious but shortly after doing so the Stasi appeared out of nowhere and Michael and his cousin were to spend the next 8 weeks being interrogated as spies by them.

Michael’s parents would then later awake one morning to hear on the national news that their son had been arrested in Berlin and was accused of espionage against the Soviet Union. He was finally sentenced to 18 months and spent 10 months in the Soviet prison system assembling parts for Soviet cars before the British embassy were able to arrange for his release. While he had been inside and afterwards, he was headline news in the British newspapers and surprisingly, they had much sympathy for him, calling the ‘Hitler Was Right’ stickers a harmless prank that had gone wrong.
Michael talks to Sven Longshanks about his experience as an accused British spy and how different the public attitude was back then to Nationalists. Stickers like that are classed as ‘hate speech’ nowadays and the charges he faced back then in the Soviet part of Germany also accused him of ‘hate’ against the glorious worker’s paradise.

Presented by Sven Longshanks with Michael Woodbridge

Michael Woodbridge: Mistaken for a British Spy by the Stasi - MW 012918


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