Mysterium Fasces: The State of Israel - MF 011818


Florian Geyer returns with Mysterium Fasces, this week joined by Matt Parrott and Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson to discuss the modern state of Israel and how it conflicts with the historical state of Israel in the land of Canaan.

Abraham was promised great nations from his seed and that the descendants of Jacob Israel would establish themselves in the land of Canaan. Israel refers to the 12 tribes descended from Jacob Israel, not the land itself. Their homeland together did not last long though, as after three kings the United Kingdom of Israel split into the northern kingdom of Israel with 10 tribes and the southern kingdom of Judah with the 2 tribes, which later under the Romans became Judea. This is the bit of land which is now occupied by the modern day Talmudic Jews who have named the place ‘Israel’ in contradiction to its original designation as Judea.

The kingdom was split in two due to Solomon’s fall to idolatry, which Dr Johnson expands on and then thanks to both kingdom’s continued idolatry and paganism, they lose both countries and are exported to Assyria and Babylon respectively. Under the jurisdiction of Cyrus who conquers Babylon, a remnant of the tribe of Judah accompanied by some of the tribe of Benjamin return to the land of Judah and begin to rebuild their temple. Between this time and Christ, they again began modernising and following idolatry, using the idolatry to find ways of breaking the laws of scripture. Christ referred to this as ‘the commandments of men’ and it was later codified into the Talmud in the 4th century after Christ.

The Temple was eventually destroyed by the Romans and they were kicked out of the land once again, to become the Jewish diaspora and the Christian church became the inheritors of the covenants and promises of the Old Testament, including the use of the name Israel. The church is Israel not the Jews. The Jews have perverted and inverted the Old Testament and have nothing to do with the people of the Old Testament either ethnically or ideologically. Through the corruption of our language, the modern day Jew is thought by many today to be the people of the Old Testament, when they could not be further removed from them.

After summarising the origins and history of the Biblical state of Israel, Florian and his guests proceed to the history of Zionism and how the Jews ended up fraudulently occupying Palestine in direct contempt of the Bible and stole the name of the church in order to aid their deception of the modern day Christian.

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Presented by Florian Geyer, Matt Parrott and Matt Johnson

Mysterium Fasces: The State of Israel - MF 011818

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