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Mysterium Fasces: The Yankee Question - MF 012218

MF 012218

Florian Geyer is joined by RG Miller and JP for the 44th episode of Mysterium Fasces, this week discussing ‘The Yankee Question’.

They start by defining just what a Yankee is, is it a quality of culture or an ethnicity and how is the Yankee related to the Anglo-Saxon race?

Sneering imperialism, materialism, and a hint of pragmatism come into the definition, alongside a religious inertia and the origins of racist liberalism.

The Yankee is the vanguard of the system we live under, whether in Great Britain, or in the American Empire, he is the cosmopolitan, urbanite, mercantilist, atheist and nihilist agent of the global power and the strongest manifestation of his spirit can be found in the great conflagration of the war between the States.

This war was the conquest and subjugation of the original character of the American Republic at the hands of entrenched bands of Yankee merchants and their mercenary warriors. It included the un-Christian mechanization of warfare for the first time but this repression and occupation of our own kinfolk had been going on for centuries, including William the Norman’s conquest of England and Oliver Cromwell’s conquest of Ireland. It is always purely for the expansion of the elite power-structure and it always leads to the continuing systematic oppression of our brothers, by our brothers.

Kali Yuga news stories for this episode:

Turkey Bombs the Kurds
Rare Look Inside Refugee Camp From Hell
Top British Female Journalist Mentally Destroyed by Online Trolls
LGBTQ Group Behind Vatican Overhaul
Pedophilia Normalisation in New Film

Music used in this episode:

The Dreadnoughts - Anna Maria Tango
2nd South Carolina String Band - The Rebel Song

Presented by Florian Geyer, RG Miller and JP

Mysterium Fasces: The Yankee Question - MF 012218

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