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RA Britannia: British Life in 2017 - RA 010118

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Sven Longshanks is joined by new co-host and political commentator Alex Davies for a look back over the main events in Britain from the last year, but beginning first with a discussion on Donald Trump and the effect his presidency has had on Nationalism in America.

After that we move on to the first of three Islamic terror attacks, where a Moslem drove his car of peace into over 40 people, killing 4, before jumping out and stabbing a policeman. This happened right outside the Houses of Parliament and brought diversity right up close to the architects of it, the traitors in Westminster. We have to deal with rapes, muggings, stabbings and murders every day with these exotic creatures living among us, while the politicians usually remain safely cocooned away from it all. This put a stop to their false sense of security and must have given them a scare, as they finally got a taste of what their immigration policy has wrought among the general population.

Next we had the Manchester Arena nail bombing, where dozens of youngsters were lacerated, maimed and killed by the son of a Libyan asylum seeker. This act may appear shocking, but innocent lives are taken every day by our forces in Moslem lands, especially when the policy is to destabilise a country or even to win a war against our own brothers, as happened with the saturation bombing of German civilian areas in the forties. If we are to bomb foreign countries and then invite the victims to come and live among us, then this is really just the logical outcome.

Before the bodies were even in the ground we had pop-tart Ariana Grande singing about her dick bicycle and milking all the publicity for everything she could get from the massacre by playing a ‘one love’ concert in Manchester, regardless of the fact another Islamic atrocity had happened just 24 hours before on London Bridge. ‘Dont Look Back in Anger’ became the anthem, suggesting we just roll over and play dead instead, anything but actually use the law to properly defend ourselves from this foreign menace.

The summer saw the general election called by weeping Prime Minister Theresa May whose catchphrase of ‘Strong and Stable’ turned out to really mean ‘Weak and Feeble’ as she lost the Conservatives their majority and had to make an alliance with the DUP to stay afloat. The surprise winner was Jeremy Corbyn, who showed us that idealism could make massive gains among the population, even when it is misplaced idealism. Corbyn does have integrity and even though he is wrong about most things, that integrity won the hearts of the voters.

Soon after the election we were treated to a display of flambeed negroes as British skyscraper Grenfell Tower went up in flames. Alex feels we missed a trick with this, as many of the other blocks of flats that have the same flammable cladding are in White working class areas. It pays to look at the bigger picture sometimes and not just at the immediate effects of something, in this case the highlighting of illegal immigration and sub-letting.

Acid attacks, moped muggings and an angry Welsh man with learning difficulties and a hired van outside a mosque also made the news last summer and are discussed, before the podcast finishes with a look at the positive news from Germany and Austria in their recent elections.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Alex Davies

RA Britannia: British Life in 2017 - RA 010118


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