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RA Britannia: Honesty in Private Made Public - RA 011518

RA 011518

Alex Davies joins Sven Longshanks to look over the main happenings in Britain from the last week, including an attempted citizen’s arrest of Sadiq Khan and UKIP suspending it’s leader’s girlfriend for being politically incorrect.

Henry Bolton was quick to let his girlfriend Jo Marney be suspended from UKIP for private texts that showed her distaste for the upcoming royal wedding, when he really should have stood up for her and asked when it became acceptable to make private conversations public. She only said what most of the country are thinking and admitted that she found Negroes ugly. Since when has it been a crime to find something ugly? Henry Bolton went up in people’s estimation when he was seen with a girl half his age on his arm, but by throwing her under the bus in an attempt to hold onto his leadership position, he just shows that not even those closest to him can trust him.

This news story about how terrible it is that someone dared to criticise Negroes has been showing back to back with footage of Negroes beating up clothing stores in South Africa, because a shirt calling the wearer a monkey was put on a Black kid instead of a White kid. This comes right after Donald Trump was being criticised for being honest about Africa and yet straight away, both he and Jo Marney are proved right in their criticisms and in the same news program!

Donald Trump is now not coming to Britain for his state visit and it is rumoured this is because he thinks the UK government all think the same as Sadiq Khan. Dave Russell and the White Pendragons wished to draw attention to the fact that Khan does not speak for the majority of British people, who wish we had our own Donald Trump to ban Moslems and cut immigration. They tried to place Khan under a citizen’s arrest while he was at a Fabian Society meeting and although it did get a lot of media coverage, there were aspects of this direct action that could have been done better. Alex highlights what these aspects were and draws parallels with a similar action last year, where a Polish Nationalist managed to nab Eddie Izzard’s pink beret while he was on a pro-EU march, which managed to hijack the narrative completely.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Alex Davies

RA Britannia: Honesty in Private Made Public - RA 011518


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