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RA Britannia: Privatisation and Anti-White Discrimination - RA 012118

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Sven Longshanks and Alex Davies look back over another week in the multi-cultural utopia that is Great Britain, beginning with a discussion on private companies being contracted out to do work that previously was handled by the government. There are two main problems in the case of Carillion, when the company failed the tax-payer had to bail it out and they also had what is effectively a giant temping company handling jobs which it knows nothing about. Carillion was a construction company, yet it has been working in schools, hospitals and prisons and while the bosses are still getting paid, 26,000 people have lost their wages and their pensions.

Alison Chabloz was in court last week accused of giving ‘gross offence’ to some Jews, but taking offence is a voluntary act on the part of the offended, even the English language reflects this in the phrase ‘to take offence’. You cannot make insulting people illegal, as it is a very necessary part of getting to the truth of a matter, as was masterfully demonstrated by Jordan Peterson this week in an interview with a Channel 4 feminist which also gets discussed.

Moving on to more discrimination against Whites, the Labour Party have been charging us 25% more than they charge Negroes to go and hear Jeremy Corbyn speak. This happened in Swindon, where the Black ‘minority’ doubled in size between 2001 and 2011 to 15% of the population and is probably around 30% of the population now.

The BBC have also been showing it’s hatred for Whites once again, this time advertising a position that can only be applied for by Blacks or ethnic minorities. Interestingly Breitbart have written to them asking whether Jews are included as Whites or non-Whites in their racial profiling.

Jo Marney has been in the news once more and again the press has seen fit to steal her private messages and then plaster them all over the front page. This time she was speaking about Moslems and it’s a great shame that Henry Bolton has not stood by her on this, as perhaps she may then have had the courage to refuse to apologise for saying what everyone else is thinking.

Finally to round off the podcast we learn that despite the Black community rioting and demanding he be tried for murder, the Police officer who arrested a Black drug dealer in Hackney last year who then died after swallowing his stash, will not be charged with anything at all. We await the mass chimp-out that is sure to follow, after this announcement.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Alex Davies

RA Britannia: Privatisation and Anti-White Discrimination - RA 012118


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