RA Britannia: Under ZOG Interrogation - RA 010818

RA 010818

Alex Davies joins Sven Longshanks to talk about what it’s like to be arrested under the terrorism act and a new series called McMafia that depicts Jews as criminals.

Last week six Nationalists were arrested and charged with being members of a non-existent organisation called National Action. Alex explains how the government are well aware the organisation no longer exists and are just trying to frame people with it in order to intimidate others into staying silent and not criticising the government. He describes what it was like when he was arrested under this act, how he was taken to a secure facility with room service, DVDs to watch and super friendly specially trained police that did their best to get him to implicate himself through unguarded conversation.

You can be held for up to a week under this legislation and something as simple as admitting to viewing a pro-Brexit website could then be used to prove that you admitted to viewing far-right extremist propaganda. All six who were arrested last week will be going through this and Alex explains how at least ten armed police will have been involved in each arrest, complete with prior surveillance. The arrest is the final part of the operation and will also entail everything in your house being turned upside down as they search for any literature to do with Nationalism, as well as bank statements, handwritten notes and of course, anything that could be used as a weapon.

They really are throwing everything that they have against us with this in the hopes that the accused will then back down and admit defeat, yet none of the brave activists put through this so far have caved in and pled guilty. We are living under occupation and those in power know full well that if we take our countries back they will be charged and prosecuted for their treason. Every day we are murdered, raped and robbed, let alone the huge wealth transfer that is also going on and this is no accident, this is not incompetence, it is a genocide that is knowingly being carried out against us.

While we are prosecuted for speaking up for our interests, the Jews have special laws to protect them from criticism or even from being shown in a bad light and this was made clear last week when the first episode of McMafia was shown, which is a true story based on Jewish criminals moving to Israel after the fall of the Soviet Union. Jewish lobby groups have predictable complained about this even though the series is just trying to be accurate. They have also complained about it showing the Mossad motto of ‘By deception thou shalt do war’ when that motto is admitted to by the Mossad themselves. Their kvetching about this just makes it all the more obvious who it is that rules over us and who the architects of our genocide are.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Alex Davies

RA Britannia: Under ZOG Interrogation - RA 010818

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