Radio Aryan Daily: Fake Revolutions and Fictional Terrorists - RAD 010318

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Sven Longshanks is joined by Billy Roper today to discuss yet another arrest of young Nationalists in Britain for belonging to a fictional terrorist group, the latest colour revolution in Iran and the upcoming protest at statue removals in Tennessee.

Five young lads and one girl were arrested in Britain today under the terrorism act and accused of being members of National Action when the organisation in question ceased to exist over a year ago and never even had a members list anyway. The victims of this most recent witch hunt have been charged with preparing for terrorist acts, yet according to the police at no point were the public in any danger. This usually means they were preparing to put stickers up, or in one case just meant National Action images were found on a hard drive and COULD have been printed off to make stickers. Possession of National Action imagery can be interpreted as this when it is a young activist that has the images, but apparently it is perfectly fine for the BBC to use the same images to illustrate their latest news story on the subject.

National Action flash protests were always peaceful, yet the protests in Iran have been anything but peaceful. Cars have been set on fire, trash cans thrown through windows and people have been killed, yet the UK/USA/Israel establishment have all been united in calling the Iranian thugs ‘freedom fighters’. Just how many times do they think they are going to be able to get away with these fake revolutions? The last one in Syria woke many up on both the Left and the Right to how the globalists use revolution to affect regime change and put subservient puppets in power and this one in Iran is even more obvious than the Syrian one.

The Islamic Republic may not be the ideal form of government, but at least they have not destroyed the White man’s heritage in the way the Islamic State has, with their destruction of all pre-Islamic Aryan architecture in Syria and Iraq. This gets condemned by the rest of the world when it happens in the Middle East, but applauded when it happens in America, Africa and Britain. The latest stature desecration has occurred in Tennessee, with the memorial to Nathan Bedford Forrest being removed at night last weekend and Billy is helping to organise a rally there this coming weekend. America cheers on the rioters in Iraq, but denies the patriots a permit to hold a rally in her own country. There are double standards everywhere you look in the world in today’s episode of Radio Aryan Daily.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Billy Roper

Radio Aryan Daily: Fake Revolutions and Fictional Terrorists - RAD 010318

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