Radio Aryan Daily: The Great Wealth Transfer - RAD 010518

RAD 010518

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson and Sven Longshanks have two news stories for today, one concerning the amount of money being sent back to Mexico by Mestizo invaders and the other concerning a massive surge in violent crimes carried out by foreigners in Germany.

Billions of dollars are being siphoned out of America every year by wetbacks and last year even saw an increase, despite President Trump’s promise to build a wall to prevent them coming in. The economy of Mexico depends on this money that isn’t theirs, which is why they do nothing to prevent their people leaving and heading for America. Much of it is completely untaxed and earned on the black market and removes the opportunity for White people to earn it legally. Mexico even receives aid money on top of this and the only thing it does in return is export criminals over the border. At least Trump has stopped the aid money going to Pakistan, but it’s about time he did the same to Mexico and got that wall built.

On top of draining the economy migrants are also responsible for a huge amount of crime and Germany released a report this week showing a 10% spike in violent crime all carried out by refugees in Saxony. The report also showed that despite being less that 1% of all migrants, Negroes are responsible for over 30% of all robberies. The German government of course refuses to admit this is because many Negroes are criminal in nature, but instead are saying it is because they were refused asylum status. They think that by teaching them German and inviting their families to come to Germany too, they will stop breaking the law.

The fact is that third world migrants bring nothing but trouble to any country they arrive in, they are a drain on resources such as medicine, education and housing and on top of that they rape, murder and rob and we are told we must put up with all this because they are good for the economy, yet even if they do earn any money they just send it back to their homelands. We should do what Israel do and offer them $3000 to go back, or face the alternative of sterilisation and being locked up in an inhospitable place like the Negev desert until they get homesick.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Matt Johnson

Radio Aryan Daily: The Great Wealth Transfer - RAD 010518

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