Radio Free Northwest: The Harvesting of Souls - RFN 010418

rfn 010418

Harold Covington begins the podcast with a few predictions for 2018, which he thinks is going to be very important for us, with a possible coup-de-tat in America and a fake colour revolution in Iran. The mid-term elections start in the Fall and the Democrats are intent on winning back both houses so they can impeach president Trump. All that matters now in America is the narrative, regardless of facts and despite Trump’s faults, he is still the White candidate and we are going to find ourselves defending him this year when the media lie about him.

Andy Donner has a section about learning from past mistakes and why consistency is important, particularly with reference to the Republican party’s actions being the opposite of their words and why if something is right, then you have to support it.

The Trucker is South of Atlanta Georgia and the engine is actually switched off this week as he wishes the listeners a Happy New Year.

Gretchen discusses ‘The Nazi War on Cancer’ by Robert N Proctor, which deals with National Socialist medical practice in general and how it had a lot to do with diet and specifically vegetarian diet.

Harold finishes up by describing one of Bill White’s theological ideas, that our enemies are demons who feed on our pain and are rewarded for their wickedness with material possessions. We are literally covered with psychic leeches that drain our energy and feed it to these psychic demons. If this is indeed the case, it would explain a lot, since Liberals’ behaviour goes against all common sense, just look at Merkel and May and what they have done to Britain and Germany.

Presented  by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: The Harvesting of Souls - RFN 010418

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