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Radio Free Northwest: The Picnic Table Fantasy - RFN 011818

rfn 011818

Harold Covington begins with some analysis of the Twitter purges, which he thinks were down to the EU governments demanding certain people be removed. After that he talks about the success he has had in encouraging people to move to the Northwest and the high quality of their characters. We then hear about the storming of the bastille and how the revolution in France began, with one man effectively standing on a picnic table and haranguing the passers-by.

Andy Donner is up next to talk about the emotional aspects of being proved wrong. Being forced to confront a realisation that you were wrong about something gets worse the longer you have spent in error and most people will do anything to avoid it, including lying to themselves.

Gretchen reviews Small Town Ho by Duke Dierks this week, a real-life story of a small town family of migrants moving from the big city to north Idaho.

The Trucker is in southern California and has some commentary on President Trump signing a bill to elevate Martin Luther King’s graveside into a national historic landmark.

Harold returns to remind us of Father Charles Coughlin and how he used the radio to reach more than 30 million listeners with his sermons on social justice. He was a genuine champion of the poor and a populist who took on the Federal Reserve, calling for money reforms, nationalisation of railways and relief for the poor. He openly attacked and opposed the Jews while supporting Hitler and Mussolini, regularly pointing out that the Bolshevik revolution was funded by Jewish bankers. Coughlin was eventually silenced by Roosevelt bringing pressure to bear on the Vatican until the Pope forced him to stay silent.

After hearing about him we get some clips of Coughlin, before Harold wraps up the podcast with some reminders that despite the tv appearances and the podcasts, we are still nowhere closer to achieving the 14 words.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: The Picnic Table Fantasy - RFN 011818

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