Radio Free Northwest: Price-Tag Attacks and Misogyny - RFN 012518

rfn 012518

Harold Covington starts this week’s podcast with some commentary on the SPLC claiming they have the members list from the League of the South. He doesn’t have much time for people who are willing to join an organisation, but are not then willing to be publically associated with it.

After that he discusses the possibility that if the United States does break up and we do get an ethno-state, then what will prevent it from going the same way that all our other countries have gone, leading to the mess that we are in today.

Next up is ‘Talking Ape’ talking about MGTOW and misogyny before Harold wonders where it it will all end, after avoiding relationships with one another.

Lord Lucan then returns to talk about Sweden and how it is a very good example of what St Paul warned might happen if a woman was allowed to teach.

Gretchen reviews ‘Beyond Good and Evil’ by Nietzsche as a segueway into the Camp of the Saints this week, which includes a lot of eastern philosophy and the idea that truths are not always well received.

Harold then finishes the podcast by talking about price-tag attacks. This refers to the price-tag that America has to pay every so often, as the cost of forcing White Americans to put up with political correctness. It is never actually the people responsible that end up having to pay, but always just the bystanders. Two recent cases may have changed all that though and one of them has disappeared from the internet.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Price-Tag Attacks and Misogyny - RFN 012518

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