Radio Free Northwest: Repentant Sinners - RFN 011218

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Harold Covington begins this week’s podcast with some guidelines on how to deal with ‘repentant sinners’ - those of us who did naughty things before they discovered Nationalism. Sometimes it is better not to even talk about past mistakes, as to do so can mean drawing others into a conspiracy of silence. There are of course some things that can never be forgiven and preclude people from doing anything but taking a back seat and donating money, due to the harm that can be done to the movement if their crimes become known to the public. No homosexuality, no race-mixing, no Jews and no non-Whites are fundamental principles in White Nationalism, as to tolerate any of these means we are no different to the establishment that we seek to replace.

Next up we get to hear the last interview that Edgar J Steele made before his death due to neglect whilst in prison. This was his first and last interview after spending a year inside and he explains his reasons for saying that the trial was rigged, which included the prosecutor listening in and making transcripts of all the private conversations between him and his defence lawyers. Attorney/client privilege was suspended completely in his case, telephone calls were recorded, letters were read and Steele’s experts on audio forensics were banned entirely from testifying.

Harold returns to finish the episode with some more about party professionalisation and the need for at least some of us to leave the anonymity behind and put our real names and faces out there. In order to win, we must have an open, public presence that is based where the people are and not in some rural backwater. Something similar to a headquarters, where there is a physical address that interested Whites can visit in order to have their questions answered about us. It needs to be staffed by motivated young people who do not look like screen addicts and the place needs to look like it has some money behind it. Whoever is the first to be able to set this up, will be the first to take the next necessary step towards securing our existence and a future for White children.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Repentant Sinners - RFN 011218

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