Ted Midward: Interview with Sven Longshanks - 010218


Sven Longshanks talks to Ted Midward about how he discovered Nationalism and how Radio Aryan came into being.

Sven was disgusted to find the police were protecting paedophiles from prosecution, but even more disgusted when he discovered nobody seemed to care about this as it didn’t affect them directly. He found this was not an isolated case and the online conspiracy community had many reports of paedophilia being covered up, alongside explanations for 911, the credit crunch and the banking system. He soon discovered Jews were at the root of most of the world’s problems and after watching holocaust denial videos became interested in National Socialism.

This led on to reading Mein Kampf and learning about the differences between the races, at the same time as finding that Christian Identity had a radically different but clearly truthful interpretation of the Bible. All these strands came together in his writing for his blog Fascovereign Weltanshuaang and he then offered to help with drafting articles for a new site, The Daily Stormer. After a year preparing written articles he started making regular podcasts, at first with Andrew Anglin and then with many other hosts for Radio Stormer, an extension to the Daily Stormer written articles. This then became Radio Aryan and separated entirely from The Daily Stormer at the beginning of 2017, with 5 or 6 other regular hosts.

Sven explains the principles that Radio Aryan hosts promote and the reasons why they are important, before going into why it is vital that we have people of good character as the vanguard of any Nationalist movement. National Socialism was all about doing the best that you can do for your people, as a duty to your ancestors and to the kinsmen of your race and of your nation. Quality should always take precedence over quantity and our history is full of examples where this was the case, from the works of Flavius Josephus to the Brut and the History of the Kings of Britain. 

Presented by Ted Midward with Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks - Interview with Ted Midward - 010218

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