The Daily Nationalist: Free Speech Protected by Police - DN 012918

dn 012918

Julie Lake from the South-West Forum joins us today to talk about Saturday’s meeting, which took place at an alternative venue on Police advice that Antifa were intent on violently disrupting it.

Julie got a phone-call on Friday from the Police warning that the enemies of free speech were planning on attacking the venue, then on the Saturday they came round to her house and said that she herself was the target, so they escorted her for the day and filled the RV point up with officers to catch the Antifa out. Since the Leftist thugs had also threatened to attack the venue and it’s clientele, the meeting was then moved elsewhere under a Police escort.

Once at the new venue, the Sergeant who had been accompanying Julie for the day came in to let everyone know that the Police had a duty to protect meetings like that from intimidation from the Left. They had been monitoring the ‘Hope Not Hate’ website, which had been encouraging Antifa to attack the meetings and the people going to them. He seemed quite shocked at the difference between what the media portrays of Nationalists and what the truth is and seemed to genuinely understand the importance of free debate in a democracy, even offering to help with finding suitable venues in future to ensure that they would not be attacked.

The meeting continued at the new venue with all the speeches bar one that needed visual aids and Western Spring then paid for everyone there to have a cooked lunch.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Julie Lake

The Daily Nationalist: Free Speech Protected by Police - DN 012918

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