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The Daily Nationalist: A Good Day for Expulsions - DN 012218

dn 012218

Jez Turner joins Sven Longshanks for the Daily Nationalist and starts with ‘On This Day in History’ which this week includes multiple Jewish expulsions, Ukraine declaring itself a free state and the NSDAP marching past one of the centres of Communism, the horror-house where the Antifa were born and that would later become headquarters for the Stasi. We also hear about the battle of Rourke’s Drift where a few brave British soldiers fought off thousands of Black Zulu savages.

Next we get a report on the trial last week of a group of young people accused of being members of the fictional terrorist organisation ‘National Action’. The courtroom floor itself was separated from the gallery by white sheeting so it was not possible for members of the public to see what was going on. The reason for doing this is usually so agents of the intelligence services cannot be identified and if this is so, then the likelihood is that these youngsters were entrapped by the secret police posing as members of National Action and possibly asking them if they wanted to join them.

The accused all pled ‘not guilty’ via video screen and it was revealed that the young lady who was bailed and not put on remand like the rest, was only allowed to do so because she had a 2 month old baby. Quite how she could physically be preparing to carry out terrorist acts whist suckling a babe was not apparently considered.

After that we get to ‘White Heroes of the Week’ and the first is a woman involved in burying the dead, who has refused to allow Jews and Moslems to jump the queue. Both groups insist they should be given preferential treatment due to their religious sensibilities and this brave woman has refused to do this and is now being hounded by both groups who are demanding she lose her job for being so fair-minded. The second hero is a soldier comrade of Jez’s, who fought for his country and then died in the cold on the streets of his own country, as his government could not afford to pay for a roof over his head as well as put a roof over the heads of the millions of third world invaders that they have flooded the country with.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Jez Turner

The Daily Nationalist: A Good Day for Expulsions - DN 012218


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