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The Daily Nationalist: Hitler Was a Christian - DN 012618

dn 012618

Sven Longshanks hosts a solo episode of The Daily Nationalist, looking at evidence for Hitler being well versed in Christianity and the Bible.

One chapter picked at random from Mein Kampf has 25 quotes that use phrases or language taken from the Bible, since the chapter has 36 pages then that is an average of over one reference for every other page.

The fact Hitler used Biblical language and allegories, shows a familiarity with the subject matter far in excess of what you would expect from anyone with just a passing interest in it.

Some of his uses show a remarkable insight into how familiar parables from the Bible can also be used to show racial truths.

There is one usage that he credits Schopenhauer with, but before Schopenhauer used it Christ did. Perhaps Hitler’s memory of where he first heard it was in error, as he uses it again later on and in exactly the same context as Christ did.

If Hitler had this much knowledge and insight into the Christian faith, then how could he have been responsible for the quotes attributed to him in Table Talks, where he appears to have forgotten entirely the high standards that he previously had?

Most people today are not familiar with the Bible and would miss most of the references to it in Mein Kampf, but for anyone that has read the Bible through they would recognise the language used and understand that Hitler was most definitely a Christian and one with a great degree of understanding for it. 

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Hitler Was a Christian - DN 012618


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