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The Daily Nationalist: The Importance of Duty - DN 011618

dn 011618

Natt Danelaw joins Sven Longshanks to look at the invalidity of ‘human rights’ and the importance of duty.

All men are not created equal, we all have a different value to our nation, something which was recognised for hundreds if not thousands of years in White society. The only time you could actually say that all men are equal, is if you are comparing one race against another race, such as all White men are equal when compared to all Black men.

Equality goes against everything that we see in nature and the natural hierarchy yet it has become something we now export around the world under the guise of Human Rights. Human Rights law itself came out of the enlightenment and it made it possible for Jews to be on an equal footing with White men in our societies, which of course led to them being able to subvert them and then bring the savage hordes in.

Thinking we have rights is not a natural thought process, the first thing that a White man would think of is duty. Everything we have has been handed to us by our ancestors, even our mother’s milk that we need when we are totally defenceless and incapable comes from another. Along with the first stirrings of consciousness there would be a realisation of this and a desire to show gratitude for it, not a declaration that it was your ‘right’ to take whatever you feel like from somebody else.  This gratitude is duty and it takes the form of producing grandchildren for the parents and self-sacrifice for the good of the nation.

Our lands are drenched in the blood of our forefathers, who gave their lives to secure our countries so that we could develop and thrive within, through our natural inclination to self -sacrifice.  A foreigner would never have that instinct to sacrifice for us, all they see is free booty laid out for them to take.

Even if duties did form a part of the constitution, the newcomers would never follow them, they come about through instinct and through shared blood. The same with rights, these are paid for with the blood of our ancestors and are not to be shared with everyone else in the world. If Negroes want human rights then they need to fight for them among themselves like we did and develop them for their own people, just handing our rights over to everyone else goes against God and it goes against Nature.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Natt Danelaw

The Daily Nationalist: The Importance of Duty - DN 011618


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