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The Daily Nationalist: It Pays to Be Politically Incorrect - DN 012418

Billy Roper joins Sven Longshanks to talk about Tom Kawczynksi of New Albion being fired as Town Manager of Jackman Maine, but not without first getting a a $30,000 payoff. Tom was obviously well liked by the people in the town or he would not have been Town Manager. He has been fired for expressing politically incorrect views in his private life, particularly with reference to his New Albion project, an ethno-state in his area which is already 95% White. The SPLC and other anti-White organisations have done their best to smear him and the town could not continue to support him without being called racists too. If ever this happens to anyone and they are asked to leave a position because of their political views, they should always ask for a compensation package to ensure they will not sue. Tom did and he got $30,000 for doing so.

In Britain today ministers have resigned and questions have been asked on the floor of parliament, about a men’s dinner that raised 2 million pounds for charity and was advertised as being ‘the most politically incorrect dinner ever.’  A feminist spy managed to get herself into the gathering and has complained that sexy women were being used to encourage businessmen to part with their cash for charity. Funnily enough none of the women that were employed have actually complained of anything untoward happening and neither have the men or the speakers, it is all down to the ugly feminist spy. Apparently the top prize of the evening was plastic surgery for the wife, which appeared to send some female MPs into an incandescent rage, calling for investigations and the banning of all male dinners.

Also in the news today is the court case of Darren Osbourne who ran some Moslems over last year outside a mosque. The prosecution are alleging that he is a terrorist and like some brainwashed MK Ultra assassin was activated by a message from Tommy Robinson with secret instructions to start a race war. The truth is that he was just following Robinson’s Twitter feed on his daughter’s phone and he is pleading not guilty. We will bring you more on this story as it continues.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Billy Roper

The Daily Nationalist: It Pays to Be Politically Incorrect - DN 012418


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