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The Daily Nationalist: Numbers Are Racist - DN 011718

dn 011718

Florian Geyer joins Sven Longshanks to discuss ‘quantcrit’ which claims that all measurements are inherently racist and discredited if it was a White man doing the measuring.

The five ideas involved are:

1. The centrality of racism as a complex and deeply rooted aspect of society that is not readily amenable to quantification -  Which means racism is an infinite well of gibsmedats as there is no way to quantify how much there is of it in society.
2. Numbers are not neutral and should be interrogated for their role in promoting deficit analyses that serve White racial interests - When numbers show Negroes in a bad light such as the numbers of Negroes involved in criminal activity, then these numbers themselves are racist
3. Categories are neither ‘natural’ nor given and so the units and forms of analysis must be critically evaluated - If it is White people collecting the numbers then they are automatically to be discredited as it will be White people who decided on the category to be measured
4. Voice and insight are vital: data cannot ‘speak for itself’ and critical analyses should be informed by the experiential knowledge of marginalized groups - More weight should be given to the negro apologist making excuses that blame white people, than the numbers themselves
5. Statistical analyses have no inherent value but can play a role in struggles for social justice - Statistics are only of any value if they benefit Blacks

This is what happens when you let Jews run the education institutions, if it was not bad enough that our scientific endeavours have devolved into just measuring things, we are now told that since it us measuring them, the results are null and void.

Science and education used to be in the hands of the church, as an education was required in order to understand the truth of Christianity, but since the enlightenment and the seeping of kabalistic ideas into the centres of learning, God and the Bible have been taken out of it and only what can be seen is defined as having any value.

Now we have gone one step further and alongside declaring in the courts that truth is no longer a defence, we are now told that science is no longer valid if the scientist is White.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Florian Geyer

The Daily Nationalist: Numbers Are Racist - DN 011718


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