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Sven Longshanks hosts the show today on his own and expands upon a question raised in yesterday’s Mysterium Fasces, why do we follow what looks today like a foreign religion?

Civilisation began in the fertile crescent and spread out from there, it was not started by Arabs whose natural habitation is in tents, but by Whites. We can see this from the depictions they made of themselves, either through their facial features or when that is not so clear, then from the bodily proportions. We also have our ancient histories, which tell us that the places now called Ethiopia, Libya, Tunisia, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Egypt and the Levant all started out as White civilisations, later becoming a part of the Greek habitable world and eventually becoming the Roman empire.

The known world was inhabited by Greeks, Romans and barbarians all of whom were White and the Hebrews/Israelites/Judeans were a part of that, they were a nation of priests whose land was right in the centre of the world’s trade routes and a part of the fertile crescent. The kings of this civilisation that stretched from Europe to India while still honouring their own tribal deities, also sent gifts and tithes to this priestly nation in Jerusalem to offer sacrifices to the Creator for the sins of mankind. Alexander the Great stopped off at the temple to receive blessings for his campaign and the Spartans sent an emissary there with a special seal of an eagle with a dragon in it’s claws, to prove kinship with them. They were that advanced that they even had plastic surgery and the only visible difference between Greeks and Hebrews was the circumcision, which could only be seen in the gymnasium.

Around this time and just after, the monarchy of Judea, the High Priesthood and all the important posts in the administration gradually began to be taken over by mixed race types originating in Idumea and Arabia. Anyone could become a ‘Jew’ and many did, with vagabonds and robbers from all over the area eventually converging on Jerusalem to mount a rebellion against the Romans, who had formerly been on very good terms with the Judeans before they became multi-cultural. This led to the destruction of the temple and the whole of Judea being turned into a desert, as the Romans chopped all the trees down to build war machines.

Arabia, which is so named due to the mongrel race that emanated from there, was also once fertile and lush. The miscegenation that they were named after had spread into Judea 200 years before Christ and then on into Egypt and north Africa, but the Galileans who spread Christianity to Gaul and Britain once the Romans began persecuting it were White. These persecutions were at the instigation of the Jews, Nero’s mistress being one of them and they did all they could to subvert the new faith, composing spurious gospels in Alexandria which became known as the Gnostic gospels. The Jews went on to write the Talmud in the 4th century and Constantine the Great also formalised the ethnic separation of Jews from Christians at this time, banning inter-marriage between the two by law.

This is why Christianity is a part of our heritage, along with rest of the pre-Christian history of Asia Minor (Troy, Ephesus, Palmyra etc) and the fertile crescent. This explanation makes far more sense than believing it was somehow ‘foreign’ considering we have spent the last 1400 years resisting a real foreign religion’s attempts to conquer Europe. There was little to no resistance to Christianity for the first thousand years of it in Europe and it was never described as being foreign like Islam always has been.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Romans, Greeks and Barbarians - DN 011918

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