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The Daily Nationalist: Tactical Solitude and the Warrior Hermit - DN 013018

dn 013018

Natt Danelaw joins Sven Longshanks to look at the benefits of solitude and the distressed situation of western man this week on The Daily Nationalist.

Most people do not like spending time on their own as they are forced to face up to who they are. It makes you be self critical, as you analyse your actions and realise that you have no-one you can rely on but yourself. This helps to build character and it teaches you patience, so that while others are panicking you can remain calm and find a solution to everyone else’s problems. Even solitary confinement can be beneficial to people, but the best place to be solitary is out in nature, in the woods or mountains.

We are so used to having everything at our finger-tips, every desire instantly gratified, that we have forgotten that it is hardship and self sacrifice that truly bring us rewards. It is not until you have gone without, that you really understand the value of the good things we have in our civilisation.

White men have been pushed into a corner and sometimes, like a wounded animal he will lash out without thinking. This needs to be avoided if at all possible, as acting on impulse at what we see around us can be bad for us as individuals and bad for the movement, in cases such as Dylann Roof. Perhaps if he had spent more time in solitude and in nature, he may have realised the futility of killing some Negro grandmothers and would still be free and working to achieve something positive for the 14 words instead of being locked up in prison.

Hardships are good for us and one way you can see for yourself how they help is to try taking cold showers for a month. This may sound strange, but it is an ancient custom in the north to swim in ice filled lakes in order to improve the mind and body. It may even raise testosterone levels and it will certainly improve your stamina and will power.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Natt Danelaw

The Daily Nationalist: Tactical Solitude and the Warrior Hermit - DN 013018


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