The Daily Nationalist: The We Are All Immigrants Lie - DN 012518

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson joins Sven Longshanks for today’s podcast and the first subject covered is women being given an extra 15 minutes to take their exams at Oxford, since twice as many men as women have been passing them in computer science and mathematics. But even after being allowed to cheat like this, women still failed to pass as many tests as the men.

After this we move onto the lie that we are all a nation of immigrants. A Jewess thinks that all she has to do is show that somebody’s White ancestors emigrated to America, to prove that they come from immigrants, but she forgets that immigrants only ever travel to countries that have already been tamed and a civilisation already built. White people went to America to settle the place, not to sponge off the people that were already living there. You had to be of a certain rugged type to move to America just to survive the crossing, let alone the struggle to tame the land once arrived. There is no equivalence whatsoever between today’s hordes arriving from the third world cap-in-hand and the White carpenters, builders and farmers moving to the country 200 years ago.

A similar pack of lies is being taught in Britain, that the Angles, the Saxons, the Normans and the Danes were all just immigrants looking for a better life, when they were really an invading force, but far more important than that, they had the same biological identity as the people already there. It did not matter in the long run if the Vikings raped as well as pillaged, because the children born would be of the same racial type anyway. The racial types going to America up until last century were also all White and the resulting unions would have led to one of the strongest and most vigorous White ethnicities in the world, if non-Whites had continued to be barred from entering.

Jews like Mendehlson are continually advocating for unlimited immigration into White countries under the pretence that they have some form of obligation to the liars claiming to be refugees, since they were refugees once too. But the truth is that their obligation should be to us for letting them in and to be following our example, they should be inviting the intruders into their own country now that they have one, not calling for them to invade ours.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Matt Johnson

The Daily Nationalist: The ‘We Are All Immigrants’ Lie - DN 012518

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