The International Jew: Are the Jews Victims or Persecutors - TIJ 010118

tij 010118

The subject of today’s podcast is "Religious Prejudice and Persecution -- Are the Jews Victims or Persecutors?"

A study of history and of contemporary Jewish journalism shows that Jewish prejudice and persecution is a continuous phenomenon wherever the Jews have attained power, and that in neither action nor word has any disability placed upon the Jew equalled the disabilities that he has placed and still contemplates placing upon non-Jews.

It is a rather startling reversal of all that we have learned from our Judaized histories, but nevertheless, it seems to be the truth.

Attention is once more called to the fact that at this time in history the Jews themselves were not raising the cry of "religious persecution" themselves, but were getting their "Gentile fronts" to do it for them -- just as they did not deny any of the statements made in this series (among themselves they freely admit most of them) but instead encouraged the "Gentile fronts" to do it for them.

The Jews today are not averse to raising the cry of "religious persecution" which shows you just how brazen they have become since the time when this series was written.

Narration and commentary by Ted Midward

The International Jew: Are the Jews Victims or Persecutors - TIJ 010118

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