The International Jew: How the Jewish Song Trust Makes You Sing - TIJ 011518

tij 011518

Jews did not create the popular song; they debased it and the entry of them into control of the popular music scene coincides with the exact time that the morality of popular songs began to decline.

Ted describes how everyone used to sing together until the Jews degraded the music industry with lewd songs that could not be sung in front of women or children.

The original songs were the creation of individuals who sang for the pleasure of singing, while the Jewish ones came from song factories and were created in order to make a profit.

It started with Congo music and by the time this was written, Jazz had been introduced and then ‘The Vamp’.

Music continued to get worse, with more and more immorality being introduced and the encouraging of Whites dancing with Blacks.

Finally we get to where we are today, where we think nothing of seeing what can only be described as pornography masquerading as a music video, with women singing about sex and graphically imitating it on stage.

Narration and commentary by Ted Midward

The International Jew: How the Jewish Song Trust Makes You Sing - TIJ 011518

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