The International Jew: How The Jews Use Power - TIJ 012918

tij 012918

Ted Midward continues the series based on Henry Ford’s book with a chapter that looks at the work of an eye-witness to the Jews power, Rev Dr John Peters.

Dr Peters begins with an historical sketch of the development of the two lines of thought among the Jews, the nationalistic which made for exclusiveness and the religious which made for inclusiveness.

He then describes the domination of the latter by the former with the coming of modern Zionism, which he finds to be racial and not religious. He says "the dominant control of the Zionist party is at present in the hands of those who are not religious but merely racial Jews." He believes that the development of race-consciousness along these lines "must inevitably in the end make the Jews bad citizens of the United States or of any other country and to keep alive and increase the hostility that there is to the Jews.

In particular he looked at the beginnings of the occupation of Palestine by the Jews and the futile attempts made by them to turn the new colonists into farmers. Hard work is not something the Jews are used to and only limited success was met with in this endeavour and even then, only with the Arab or African Jews.

Presented by Ted Midward

The International Jew: How The Jews Use Power - TIJ 012918

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