The International Jew: The Jewish Degradation of American Baseball - TIJ 010818

tij 010818
Every non-Jewish baseball manager in the United States lives between two fears, and they can both be described by the Biblical term "the fear of the Jews." The first fear concerns what the Jews are doing to baseball; the second fear concerns what the Jew would do to the manager if he complained about it. 
Hence, in spite of the fact that the rowdy behavior that has afflicted baseball, especially in the East, is all of Jewish origin -- the razzing of umpires, hurling of bottles, ceaseless shouting of profane insults; in spite of the fact that the loyalty of the players had to be constantly guarded because of the tendency of individual Jewish gamblers to bribe individual players; in spite of the evidence that even the gate receipts have been tampered with -- the managers and secretaries of baseball clubs have all been obliged to keep their mouths closed. Through fear they have not dared say what they know. As one manager said, "Good God, man, they'd boycott my park if I told you!"
They would boycott us too if they could, but they cant and we will keep exposing their crimes until they do and then, someone else will step forward to continue.

The Truth will always rise to surface no matter what they do and these truths written by Henry Ford first surfaced back in the 1920s, yet they are still just as truthful today as they were back then.

Narration and commentary by Ted Midward

The International Jew: The Jewish Degradation of American Baseball - TIJ 010818

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