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The Roper Report: Little Red Hens - TRR 012418

On the day of another successful White Nationalist rally, this one an Anti-Infanticide counter-protest of the feminist "Women's March" in Knoxville, Billy discusses the outcome of the demonstration, as well as the ShieldWall Network Phalanx training session which preceded it the day before. The recent controversies surrounding a prominent Alt Right figure's defense of child porn for pedophiles and the attacks on New Albion, the project to create an emerging White ethno-state in the north-eastern U.S., are discussed as well.

He then wades into the swampy, complex world of geopolitics, which he reveals to mainly be a sham. One by one, DACA and the U.S. government shutdown and Trump's promised wall are revealed to be interconnected illusions shoved forward by the establishment to put off the inevitable collapse for as long as possible. The FISA memo detailing the FBI and DOJ collusion with the corrupt Obama regime, the mid-term elections, and the legalization of the so-called Dreamers are all nails in the coffin of the glorious multiracial empire.

The topic heavy hour is brought to a close with the reminder of the story of the Little Red Hen, again, and our need to commit to the struggle and contribute to it by becoming active persons of influence in our communities, and getting to know other like-minded patriots in real life. That is the mission of the ShieldWall Network in furtherance of it's goal, the ShieldWall Plan: Project New America. Billy announces the date of the next ShieldWall meeting, and invites everyone to get involved.

Presented by Billy Roper

The Roper Report: Little Red Hens - TRR 012418


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