The Roper Report: One of These Things is Not Like the Other - TRR 013118


In "One of these things is not like the other", listen to Mike Enoch of The Daily Shoah, Chris Quimby of The ShieldWall Network and Tom Kaczynski of New Albion discuss with Billy the rise of White ethno-states, balkanization, attacks on free speech, and who should be allowed into the White Nationalist movement under what circumstances.

Chris Quimby goes first, in an interview with Billy in which they discuss how activism has changed over the past two decades they have been working together in the movement. In addition to a few amazing and humorous 'war stories' from past demonstrations and rallies, they recount their memories of working with Dr Pierce, Pastor Butler, Tom Metzger and others, then discuss the progress and growth of the ShieldWall Network and the strengths and weaknesses of the Alt-Right today.

That discussion leads into Mike Enoch of The Daily Shoah's sharing of his perspective on how to properly address a Jewish person, as well as whether or not mixed race people can 'earn' their way into the White Nationalist movement.

Finally, the second half of the program features another interview by Billy with Tom Kawczynski, the founder of the New Albion White ethno-state effort in New England, who has risen to national notoriety after he was attacked and ultimately fired from his job as town manager of Jackman, Maine, due to his personal expression of political and racial views which the enemies of our race viewed as politically incorrect. Tom discusses his ordeal, how people can help and his plans for the future, which include an upcoming book and the expansion of the New Albion project through NewAlbion.org.

Presented by Billy Roper with Tom Kaczynski and Chris Quimby

The Roper Report: One of These Things is Not Like the Other - TRR 013118

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