The Roper Report: Victory in Memphis - TRR 011018


Coming from an amazingly successful White Nationalist protest in Memphis, which got the 'Rally For Forrest' message to hundreds of thousands of our people through interviews to the controlled media, Billy Roper recounts how the demonstration took place. His voice may be hoarse from chanting, singing, and giving talks to the media, but he is deservedly proud of those who participated.

The ShieldWall Network and their allies did what many believed couldn't be done, and what others were afraid to even try. It was the first ever successful White Nationalist rally held in Memphis in fifty years, since the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. there. As an example of what can be accomplished with courageous leadership and detailed logistical planning, this event was very encouraging.

In discussing how and why the rally was successful, he details the roles played by Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and the local, state, and federal law enforcement actors as the day played out.

Those who would like to watch four brief videos of the rally may view them here:

Gathering Storm
Rally Point Reached
First Short Speech
Victory in Memphis

Presented by Billy Roper

The Roper Report: Victory in Memphis - TRR 011018

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