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Thoughts of the Day: Jews in Our Midst - GL 010918

gl 010918

That's right folks, it's time once again for one of the most anticipated radio shows on these interwebs; Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day! We've got a solid hour packed full of fun for you this week, complete with listener questions/comments, the Church of the Lampshade as well as multiple timely and important topics.

First up, I don't know if you've heard or not but it would appear that we have Jews in our midst. This segment isn't about any particular person but it is about the general topic of Jews in our midst. We believe that not recognizing Jews as being a part of our movement is a strength for us and well it is. However we also have to realize the vulnerability that this position leaves us with and we also need to be aware of the fact that our enemy will go after this vulnerability. What's the vulnerability and how do we counter the enemy's attempt to capitalize on it? We'll cover it right here.

Ah conservative normies. As expected, we've had a huge influx of conservative normies over on the GAB. We've been gearing up for this in the expectation of harvesting some of these people into our ranks by opening their eyes to the truths around them. However I have to admit, it's also quite exasperating especially the ones with their stale and tired memes about Obama and Hillary. In dealing with these people I stopped to consider the difference between the ones who love to rage against Islam, but at the same time posture as being more righteous than us racists. The Jew of course has no problem with these people raging against Islam. In fact, these people are good Goyim who are doing exactly what the merchant wants them to do. I thought we'd discuss a bit about the real world difference between these Islam haters and we racist haters. Who actually has the more righteous position?

Speaking of the influx of conservative normies, it's been quite eye opening on several fronts. For starters, we've also seen a huge influx of what I like to call Kosher Patriots. The Jews are making a concerted effort to keep these conservatives on the good Goyim reservation. I am also amazed at how prevalent the ‘magic dirt’ mind set still is in these people. Many are still trying to claim that the only problem we have is the fact that so many of them are coming here illegally as though if they were handed a piece of paper from some bureaucrat somewhere that would magically make them just the same as the native white population. It's hard to not be discouraged, but fight on we will and we will continue to try and break through the obstacle of decades worth of mental programming.

Our first listener’s question/comment comes via RA chat and Cuckslayer would like to know what our most important goal should be for 2018 as a movement. Now on the surface, this may look like a softball question to come up with an answer for but as you all know, GPL is all about looking beyond the surface. In so doing, I actually find this question to be quite the difficult one to answer, as we face an enemy on multiple fronts. In breaking this down and trying to come up with an answer, I think that before we can figure out where we are going we must take a look at where we've been. We will do just that and try to see what the most important things are that we need to be doing as we attempt to hold our momentum moving forward in the new current year of 2018.

As we convene the Church of the Lampshade this week, we're using a listener question/comment as the inspiration for our sermon. This comes from the United Shitlords and pertains to the modern church cucks who seem to be of the belief that we are in the middle of fulfilling the book of Revelations. Because they believe that they are observing the fulfillment of the prophesies therein, they seem to have the attitude that it is their role to basically wait around for Jesus. I will tell you, among the normie set, Grandpa Lampshade finds quite a few things to be vexing however none ore more vexing to be honest than these church cucks. I invite you to have a seat while we take the foolish position of these evangeli-cucks and tear it apart piece by piece. By the time we are done, it will be clear who it is they are seeking acceptance from and it sure as hell isn't Jesus.

Thank you for joining us this week folks and as always thanks again to our sponsors. Remember if you want to get in on sponsoring the show, we have several avenues for you to do so and it's always much appreciated. Be careful out there and be sure to join us again next week for Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: Jews in Our Midst - GL 010918


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