Thoughts of the Day: Nowhere to Run - GL 013018

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As we break headlong into another instalment of the Frogcast, let's take a moment to really consider how interesting these times are that we live in. Thanks to the internet we are able to bypass the gatekeepers of information and produce our own radio shows, such as the one you are listening to right now. As difficult as this struggle may be, stop and imagine for a moment how insurmountable it would be if we didn't have the internet. We are able to pass on ideas, encourage one another and promote the truth. This is something that would never be allowed on your local AM radio station.

White replacement: we know it's real. However it's still something to behold when you witness it IRL. Grandpa Lampshade has seen these things happen with the usual predictable results. It's just yet another reminder that they are never going to be satisfied until we have absolutely no place left to escape to. Think you can escape to rural areas? You better believe our enemies have other plans. One of the obstacles in their way is that they're actually short of a few Blacks to accomplish this. Thus, is it any surprise why they are so anxious to import some more?

From time to time, Grandpa Lampshade gets asked whether or not I actually believe we will win this struggle. As you all know, I try my best to be optimistic as negativity gets us nowhere and brings us nothing but despair. I believe that in the end, it depends on how you define winning. Do I think that White people will wind up with the entirety of the current USA as their White nation? Sadly no, I don't. Not to be a black-piller here, but I just don't think that expectation is realistic. However that doesn't mean I don't believe we can win a struggle for our own homelands and a chance to regain our lost sense of having a place and role to play in this world.

For our next segment, let's discuss women. This is always good for a triggering and I feel as though I haven't triggered anyone for a day or two. I remember years ago one of the things the feminists loved to talk about is how the patriarchy fears the power of women's sexuality. Not to be one to agree with feminists but on this one point, they are not entirely incorrect and we'll discuss why that is.

The Jew run media is continuing to try and whittle away at Trump's base. Their latest attempt is peddling the story that Trump may have banged some porn star. However they aren't having much luck with this. Why? Is it because Trump's supporters are a bunch of porn bangers or something? Or is it more of a case that the people have noticed that these same media kikes promote every sort of degeneracy in our society and now all of a sudden they are trying to act as though they are morally pure because *gasp* Trump may have had sex with a woman.

Always helpful and always relevant, listener questions and comments this week are no exception. First up is Charlie who wants to know how GPL feels about gooks, zipperheads, ant people and other assorted Asians when it comes to our someday White ethno-state. This question comment actually started out as a private email exchange but I wanted to use it here on the show, as I thought it was a good topic that goes beyond a simple yes or no answer.

Next up, Mr. Turner brings us the prospect that Marxism is in and of itself a mental disorder. From the extreme of the hipster Antifa faggot who openly wages war against his own race, to the regular guy who keeps his mouth shut and in his silence supports the Marxist agenda when his daughter brings a Negro home as her new boyfriend. This is an interesting proposition. Is Marxism a mental illness or does it go even deeper than that? We'll discuss it right here.

Once again we convene the Church of the Lampshade and in our sermon this week we will be discussing the Jews. I know, it's hard to believe we would be talking about the Jew in any context on this program but yes, we will be talking about the Jews this week. In this week's sermon, we discuss the topic of the Jews as children of the devil. As Christian believers we are familiar with how Jesus told these rat kikes to their faces that they did the work of their father the devil. However I thought this week we would talk a little about some observable evidence of the Jews as children of the devil.

Thank you again to our sponsors and don't forget, if you want to tithe to the Church of the Lampshade and support the show, there are any number of ways you can do that and it's always appreciated. I hope you all enjoyed this week's visit I know I enjoyed it. So be sure and join us once again next week, right here on Radio Aryan for Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: Nowhere to Run - GL 013018

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