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Thoughts of the Day: Was Hitler a Prophet? - GL 011618

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The wait is over and once again it's time for Thoughts of the Day, with yours truly, Grandpa Lampshade. As always we strive here at Thoughts of the Day to provide you with thought inspiring topics and conversation.

We open our show this week with a survey sent to Grandpa Lampshade by the Faith and Freedom Coalition. In my generosity, I decided to give them free coverage and the opportunity of getting the opinion of even more supporters of President Trump's agenda. Since they say it costs them ten dollars to send each of these surveys out, the fact that I'm sharing it here for free means I'm saving the Faith and Freedom Coalition a ton of money. To be honest, they should slide old Grandpa Lampshade some compensation as a token of their appreciation, but for some reason I'm not counting on it. Nonetheless I'm going to share with you the audience this survey and give you the opportunity to make your voices heard as well if you so choose.

As you know, President Trump caused quite the stir this past week when he referred to places such as Haiti, Africa and El Salvador as shitholes. The context was in negotiations on immigration reform, the Democrats were demanding that America take in more Haitians, Africans and assorted other trash. President Trump finally asked why it is that we have to take in people from these shithole countries. As you well know, much moral indignation and feigned outrage ensued. However I noticed that in all the posturing, preening and throwing of dust into the air they never actually answered the question. Why do you suppose that is?

It's so easy to get black pilled, it really is. Sometimes it's not even that obvious. I myself this past couple of weeks have been in grouchy hermit mode where I really feel a bit burned out in dealing with people. It's a bit like a stealth black pilled situation. Likewise I see this in other people. For instance, I see people who claim to be realists who say that we have to face the reality that we're not going to actually come out of all of this with a White ethnostate. Really? To this I reply that if we aren't going to get a White ethnostate, then why the hell are we even bothering with any of this? Are we all simply wasting our time? Perhaps it's time for us to go find better things to do and simply surrender to the idea that it's our fate to disappear from the face of the planet.

Moving into listeners questions/comments this week first up we have Mr. Turner who has a question regarding Adolf Hitler himself. Was Adolf Hitler a prophet of God? When reading Mein Kampf it is amazing how much those words written so long ago still ring true even today. Mr. Turner even gets the impression that it was as though Hitler was ordained by God in his mission. However if that's the case, then why did he fail? I'll be honest, I have no way to know the answer to this for sure, but it's a fun mental exercise so let's go over it.

Next up, Kimball wants to know how GPL approaches red pilling in his day to day life with his IRL contacts. How do I deal with normie conservatives in trying to wake them up to how things are and what is happening in the world around them? Do I go straight for the JQ and cram it down their throats or do I take a more subtle approach? This is of course a great question and one that I think is relevant to virtually every person listening to the show. This is another example of why the listeners questions/comments segment has proven to be so useful.

As we convene the Church of the Lampshade, I thought we would talk about how we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God in the context of our movement. Even if you are not a Christian believer there is much warning to be taken from the current state of the modern cuck church, where it is today and how it got there. At some point in time, the church lost focus on it's mission of speaking the truth and instead took up a business model of constant growth. This ultimately resulted in it becoming the cucked mess that it is today complete with lesbian "preachers" marrying fags and such like. As we bring more and more new people into our political movement, we need to be wary of surrendering our principles simply for the sake of growth.

It's always an interesting time here at Thoughts of the Day and this week we get to enjoy over an hour of what I believe to be interesting and thought provoking discussion. Thank you again to our sponsors and thank you to our listeners for joining us here each week. There will be other things to talk about next week and you can bet we'll be talking about them right here, on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: Was Hitler a Prophet? - GL 011618


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