Thoughts of the Day: Where Are The Men At? - GL 012318

Another Tuesday and another episode of Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day, fresh out of the oven. As of the recording of this show, the U.S. government is officially shut down. Even though the media is wailing and and beating it’s chest telling us how much we should be missing the government's vital functions, how many of us have actually noticed any difference..............at all? One has to wonder that if we're not noticing the government being shut down, then why can't we have a refund on the money they are taking from us to pay for things that obviously have nothing to do with us since we aren't missing them?

As we go on with our day to day lives not noticing that the monolithic behemoth that is the federal government is shut down, it brings to mind something that I've observed. Have you ever noticed how the government takes a tiny little almost insignificant issue and blows it up into this huge thing that must be addressed? Have you ever stopped to wonder why? The truth of this matter is the government in virtually every area where they have an actual role to play, is failing to fulfil it’s duty and meet their obligation. So what do they do? Find some little insignificant issue, blow it up into a huge big deal in order to look as though they are doing something and fixing this problem.

In our next segment we will address the often asked question of "Where are the men at?" Men need to man up! This is a topic the modern cuck church loves to preach about......where are the men at? We are told that so many of our problems are because men aren't manning up and being men. What do they actually mean by this though? It seems to me that this is always directed not just at men but at WHITE men. How often are these lectures about how men need to man up pointed at Blacks? Virtually never. So what do they want from us men? As is so often the case when something is ultimately being pushed by the Jew, what they mean and what you think they mean are diametrically opposed to one another.

As I look and observe what is happening in the political landscape one of the things I find worth mentioning is the fact that when you look to the Middle East, the countries that most look like we would get along with (i.e. Syria and Iran) happen to be the countries that are demonized. Meanwhile shithole countries such as Saudi Arabia are somehow our great allies. Of course if you are listening to this show you already know the reason why, the countries that the Jews don't like, the countries that don't have a Jew controlled central bank happen to be the countries that must be demonized. It's just yet another example of the fact that our foreign policy is outsourced to Tel Aviv.

As we convene the Church of the Lampshade we're going to discuss so called prosperity preachers this week. This is a segment of the modern cuck church that teaches if you send them money Jesus is going to make you rich. Of course unsurprisingly the only ones that ever seem to actually wind up rich are the guys you send your money to. We're going to discuss this false teaching and what it means in the context of the truth and your struggle as a Christian believer.

As always thank you to our sponsors and thank you all for taking the time to tune in. I hope you enjoyed this week's show and we'll be back to do it all once again next week, right here on Radio Aryan for Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: Where Are The Men At? - GL 012318

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