Forest Brother’s Audio Insurgency: Eighth Assault – FBAI 022018

fbai 3

This week your Lordship will be raining down an array of ordnance including more top of the line Fashwave for the Electronica crowds, Folk/Neo-Folk for us more seasoned Traditionalists, Black Metal for the soldiers riding that fine line of Legalities and Insurgencies and this time around some Pro-White Hip Hop……..sheeeeeeeeeit.

Honor your gods and traditions, love your family and race and respect your friends and comrades. Embrace your heritage and protect our folkways even in the face of death, for if you were honorable in life, you will be honored in death. Let again, these songs be your inspiration and fear not, to take your place in the halls of our fathers.

Xurious can also be found on YouTube and Twitter using the same name.
Elessar can be found on YouTube and Twitter by the name Elessar_Music.
Raid 1. Elessar - Glory Follows Virtue (new track)
Raid 2. Water Wind - (unavailable)
Raid 3. Strong Survive - Niste Zaboravlijeni
Raid 4. Vanguard - From The Ashes (new track)
Raid 5. Mr. Bond - It’s So Hard
Raid 6. Life’s Decay - Gloria
Raid 7. Bound For Glory - The Departure (…we live to die and to continue the flow…)
Raid 8. Dub Buk - Batko Klatv
Raid 9. Xurious - God Emperor (new mix without Trump samples)
Raid 10. Ygg - Hymn Of Nature
Raid 11. Cross Of Iron - Czarne Slonce
Raid 12. H.E.R. - (unavailable)

Presented by Lord Goyhammer

Forest Brother’s Audio Insurgency: Eighth Assault – FBAI 022018

Download (01:06:43)

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