Forest Brother’s Audio Insurgency: Seventh Assault - FBAI 021318

FBAI 7th Assault (1)

Lord Goyhammer mixes up the fashwave with the metal and the neo-folk once again for another voyage into the Nationalist music scene, with new tracks from Xurious and Elessar, the titles of which are both taken from books by Nationalist authors, Guillaume Faye and Julius Evola respectively.

In the absence of a new one from Eternal Reich we revisit his back-catalogue for ‘The Lion’ which has a particularly good video accompanying it.

Filbert Applebag shows how versatile he is with Church Trap, we have some epic doom metal from Division S and Brainwash tear up the place with their first appearance on the podcast.

Time to lean back and enjoy, or turn up the volume and drive, with the Seventh Assault from Forest Brother Lord Goyhammer.

Eternal Reich can be found on YouTube and Twitter using the same name.
Xurious can also be found on YouTube and Twitter using the same name.
Elessar can be found on YouTube and Twitter by the name Elessar_Music.
Raid 1. Elessar - Ride The Tiger (new track)
Raid 2. Tors Vrede - Ave Victoria
Raid 3. Brainwash - Revenge (for Sven)
Raid 4. Powercyan - Plutocracy
Raid 5. Division S - A Dark Winters Tale Of A Dark Winters Night
Raid 6. Eternal Reich - The Lion (check out the video on YouTube)
Raid 7. Einsatz Kommando - The Forest Call
Raid 8. Filbert Applebag - Church Trap
Raid 9. West Wall - Sands of Desolation (RIP Krispy & Billus Maximus)
Raid 10. Xurious - Why We Fight (new track)
Raid 11. Bombs Away - All Or Nothing
Raid 12. Futhark
Presented by Lord Goyhammer

Forest Brother’s Audio Insurgency: Seventh Assault - FBAI 021318

Download (01:06:35)

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