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Mysterium Fasces: Bulgaria and the White Front – MF 021918


Florian Geyer is joined by Podzemnek in Bulgaria for the 46th episode of Mysterium Fasces.

They start by discussing the recent history of the Bulgarian nation, the People's Republic of Bulgaria and the effects that Communism had on the country.

After that they move to the present day and the current Bulgarian political climate, including the composition of it’s Parliament, the efficacy of it’s State and the levels of corruption.

Bulgarian society is fairly conservative, but there has also been liberal degeneration after joining the EU.

Gypsies are a major problem and they are responsible for most of the crime, but political correctness prevents public figures from properly addressing the situation.

The White Front are a Nationalist organisation hoping to galvanise support from among the Bulgarian youth and Podzemnek talks about it’s origins and his understanding of National Socialism, before explaining the reasons for a march which they are taking part in on Sunday.

Bulgaria is an Orthodox country that came through both a brutal Moslem occupation and a Communist one and is now realising that what they thought was independence, is really just a continuation of the oligarchy, but under the new name of the EU.

Kali Yuga news stories for this episode:

Parents lose custody of daughter for treating her like a girl
Man takes drugs and hormones to induce fake breasts to make milk
Justice department and FBI in hot water over failure to avert high school massacre

Music used in this episode:

Megaloschemos II (Bulgarian Orthodox Hymn)
Libertin - Hristo Lukov

Presented by Florian Geyer and Podzemnek

Mysterium Fasces: Bulgaria and the White Front – MF 021918

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