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Mysterium Fasces: Philosophy – MF 022618

MF 022618

Episode 47 begins with some information on Great Lent and the importance of charity, fasting and prayer, before Florian Geyer introduces the idea of post-modern politics being a form of warfare against our natural world-view.

Modernity itself is a psy-op designed to degenerate and replace our existing systems of belief and operation. Thus, the political and spiritual reaction to such an operation must in itself contain a worldview, a weltanschauung, an integrated worldview that supplies the Logos to man, his family, and his nation.

Cultural warfare and worldview warfare are ultimately superior to physical and ideological violence, as they control the frame within which that dialectic operates.

Ideological beliefs are therefore ultimately subservient to philosophical ones.

There are three basic areas of philosophy, Ethics (what we ought to do), Metaphysics (how things ought to work) and Epistemology (how we ought to know).

Lack of a defined philosophy in these areas does not mean a lack of philosophical operations, life still has meaning for people who have never even thought about such things.

Any transcendental good requires a philosophical basis so that it can then be asserted and without the anchoring values of things such as beauty, goodness and truth, social good and political good cannot be legitimately established.

I.e. if might makes right pragmatism is real, than justice is a fraud and the Jews are the Ubermensch.

Kali Yuga News features the following articles:

France replaces Joan of Arc with a mulatto
Russia bars US monitors from their elections
China to replace America as biggest nuclear nation
Hungary banned by EU for having too many 'happy White people'
Scientist on Cheddar Man research team proves story was fake news
Duterte offers rewards for killing commies

Music used in this episode:

Intro: Behold the Bridegroom Cometh - Orthodox Chant in English
Break: Canticle of the Turning - Rory Cooney

Presented by Florian Geyer, with Nick Mason, Hans Lander, Musonius Rufus and Mencken's Ghost

Mysterium Fasces: Philosophy – MF 022618

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