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Mysterium Fasces: Putin - MF 020618


Florian Geyer is joined by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson for an episode on one of his specialist subjects, President Vladimir Putin.

Starting with the background to modern Russia, first they discuss the Judeo-Bolshevik Russian revolution and the false dialectic of the Cold War, before moving on to the post-Soviet collapse that led to the organized looting of the country and the surprise stop that was made to it, by former KGB interpreter, Vladimir Putin.

Immense poverty and social degeneracy went hand-in-hand with the introduction of Liberalism and the rise of Putin once elected, was a reaction to this decadence. The significance of his security services background is investigated and the question is asked whether Putin was a managed reaction to this, or an organic response?

His contention with the Jewish oligarchs is what first astonished the world and then his stabilization of the economy in the early 2000’s, which was soon followed by ideological and practical changes to the Russian regime to bring it more in line with traditional Christian values, but how much inertia remains from the Soviet times?

What is meant by Putin’s multi-polar foreign policy strategy? Why are the BRICS and the SCO so important? Is Putin really an opponent of the NWO/ZOG or is he just seeking to form his own empire? His enduring foreign policy positions seem to offer the greatest testimony to his opposition to ZOG and some examples of these are given.

Common major critiques of Putin have also been collected from Anti-Putinists and Florian then puts them to Dr Johnson to answer:

He has encouraged Jews to return to Russia, he refuses to bury Lenin, the higher ups in the Russian Orthodox Church are agents of ZOG, he is a Civic Nationalist, he has enacted strict holocaust denial laws, Russia has the highest Moslim population in Europe, he is friendly with Israel, he constantly bashes Fascism, he fetishizes the Communist Soviet Union and he persecutes real Nationalists.
Kali Yuga News is in the second half and features the following news stories:
Homeless Man Dies After Council Stole his Sleeping Bag
Demolition Order for Business That Refuses to Serve Jews
New York Sues Big Pharma for Opioid Epidemic
Jews Tell us Cuckolding is Good for us
The Memo
Skinhead Shooting Rampage
Intro music: Orthodox Chant - The Lord Enthrones Himself
Break Music: Донбасские куплеты (ополченские) - автор-исполнитель Евгений Бунтов, 2014

Presented by Florian Geyer and Matt Johnson

Mysterium Fasces: Putin - MF 020618

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