RA Britannia: The End of Free Will - RA 020518


Sven Longshanks is joined by Alex Davies to discuss two major news stories from last week, Darren Osbourne’s 43 year prison sentence for running a Moslem over and Jacob Rees-Mogg’s run in with the Bristol Antifa.

Darren Osbourne is clearly mentally unstable and he came up with a cock-and-bull story about having two accomplices in his van, yet nobody made use of this as a defence for him like they do when mentally unstable Moslems have attacked people.

He left a note saying why he did what he did, it was because there had just been three Islamic terror attacks in Britain and 1400 White girls had been turned into Islamic sex slaves in Rotherham, but instead of acknowledging it was those facts which influenced his behaviour, the prosecution and the authorities have been trying to blame Tommy Robinson and Jayda Fransen for radicalising him!

Who do they think he got the idea of running people over from? At least there is one positive thing to happen from this, if they are to be believed, Moslems are at least now as frightened of being run over as White people are.

The government, the police, the judge and the media have all been painting a false narrative that it was Tommy Robinson who turned him into a killer by telling the truth, but you cannot blame somebody else for another’s actions, without denying the fact that we have free will. The government are now holding an enquiry into how dangerous the Far Right are and it is quite clear that they are going to say that the danger lies in the alternative media ‘radicalising and inciting’ people into violence, yet if we do not have free will, then nobody can be held accountable for any crimes that they commit.

Jacob Rees-Mogg was due to give a speech at Bristol university and it was interrupted by Leftists and things got violent, as Mogg tried to talk the situation down. However as usual, the Left refused to talk to him and the video has now gone viral. Mogg has spoken out since in defence of free speech in Britain, but we do not have freedom of speech and he has never spoken out in defence of any of us when we have been silenced. He does appear a bit naive about the Left, they never have debated, preferring violence and intimidation instead to get their own way.

Alex does not like Mogg, but this incident can only be positive for us, as it is finally one of the political class that has been on the receiving end of the Leftist violence.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Alex Davies

RA Britannia: The End of Free Will - RA 020518

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