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RA Britannia: Nationalism Versus Individualism - RA 021218

ra 021218

Sven Longshanks is joined by Alex Davies to discuss the recent Anglin versus Sargon debate and the issues raised by it.

Sargon has admitted to Black ancestry on many occasions and this lies at the root of his obstinacy and refusal to grant legitimacy to a White ethno-state. He is quite correct when he says there would be no room for an individual like him in one, he would be excluded on the basis of race, for the same reason that non-Sargons are excluded from sharing his own home with him. He knows full well that it is only logical and natural that those of a shared ethnicity would wish to live together, but those he shares an ethnicity with are mainly not the sort of people he would like to be with and they certainly would not be capable of creating the sort of society where an individual’s rights are respected.

Sargon claims that he has ‘rights’ yet those rights were never created for him by his ancestors, he just has a piece of paper telling him he is a British citizen. Rights are inherited from those who fought for them, they do not belong to the government to give away and once you accept that the government does give you rights, then the government can take them away. His argument that it would be against ‘his’ rights to kick him out of the country, makes no sense at all if it is the government doing that with the full force of the law.

Removing the foreigners from our midst is an entirely lawful position to advocate for, it is a law of nature that foreign bodies are expelled from the whole and one of the main reasons for a State’s being is to protect it’s people from outside dangers. It is also there to protect it’s people from internal ones, which is why treason is such a serious crime.

Sven and Alex discuss where Rights come from, the problems with individualism and why we must not compromise on principles, before also talking about the Jared vs Tariq debate and the rise of ethno-nationalism in Italy.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Alex Davies

RA Britannia: Nationalism Versus Individualism - RA 021118


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