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RA Britannia: Stand up for Your Community – RA 022518

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Alex Davies' mention of System Resistance Network on one of these podcasts was made long before there was any public reporting of criminal acts by them, we obviously condemn  those acts and the organisation involved and have never had anything to do with them at Radio Aryan.

Sven Longshanks and Alex Davies take a look at what’s happening in the British Isles, with news on grooming gangs from Rotherham and Newcastle, Moslems threatening terrorism if they don’t get asylum status, Ireland paying the press to lie about immigrants and gender-bender adult performers reading stories to primary school children in Bristol.

An investigation has found that victims of Moslem grooming gangs are disgusted at the way they have been treated by the courts. The report also states that the victims were made to feel as though being raped by Moslems was their own fault and the Moslems were emboldened by this into raping them some more. The police say the report shows there was no fear of racism that prevented investigation, so why were there 700 victims before anything was done about this, are the Police inferring they were incompetent?

In Rotherham investigations have slowed almost to a halt for lack of money, with only 4 Moslems in prison for raping 1400 White girls and now we are told there are another 1500 possible victims, but the police have only been able to find 17% of them because they lack the other 100 officers that they are supposed to have on the investigation. The British government does not appear to give a damn about these girls, all they are concerned about is silencing criticism of the perpetrators.

Is it any wonder the invaders think they can do whatever they like in Britain without being punished? Even those who threaten to run White people over, stab them and bomb them are let off without a prison sentence. This is a common occurrence, despite the fact they have carried out their threats to kill White people in the past when they have been refused asylum status in Sweden (IKEA) and elsewhere.

The Irish government is not only hiding the truth about what these creatures are doing in our countries, but they are actually paying news companies to write positive news stories about them! The Irish government have unveiled their plan to displace 1 million Irish with a million third world savages by 2040 and they don’t want any negative publicity about the intruders to prevent this from happening.

The way to protect ourselves from the problems the invaders bring, is to become active in our communities so the problems can be identified and dealt with before they get too big. Also if something does happen and you are already well known in your community, then you can speak for people and organise them, as was done with the Justice for Chelsey campaign in Sunderland. By speaking to the people in your area, you will soon find out what is going on and perhaps even help put a stop to the queer agenda in schools as well as the threat from immigration.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Alex Davies

RA Britannia: Stand up for Your Community – RA 022518


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