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Streaming Alt-Right Audio 24 Hours a Day


Radio Free Northwest: Dreaming the Iron Dream - RFN 021518

rdn 021518

Harold Covington starts this week’s show by reading ‘Dreaming the Iron Dream’ one of his best non-fiction pieces, about the timelessness of National Socialism and it’s relationship to our racial soul.

Gretchen reviews The Extreme Nationalist Threat in Russia by Thomas Parland, which details the Slavophile movement and how it has grown to become mixed in with western Rightist ideas and modernity.

The Trucker is parked up and in Wood River, Nebraska, freezing his wheel-nuts off and thinking about the Superbowl. He reminds listeners of how good the Radio Free Northwest archive is and recommends people check them out if they haven’t heard them. He also describes the opportunities for winter sports in the northwest and water sports in the summer.

Harold returns to address an email from an hysterical middle-class mother who thinks he is Darth Vader luring her son to the dark side, before Andy Donner talks about entertainment and White Nationalist hobbyism. We all need entertainment sources we can relate to and Nationalist media does help us to stop watching the brain-numbing television, however much of it also includes questionable ideas alongside the more wholesome content, which can be just as harmful as watching the electric rabbi.

The podcast finishes with Harold discovering what the word ‘vibrancy’ means and some commentary on the claiming of false valour.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Dreaming the Iron Dream - RFN 021518

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