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Radio Free Northwest: Giving Not Taking - RFN 020118

rfn 020118

Harold Covington starts this week’s podcast by questioning why some people just disappear out of the movement. They come in full of energy and inspiration and then leave once they find things don’t move fast enough for them. Too many people get involved because they want to get something out of it, rather than looking for what they can do for their people. They look for revenge against those who have wronged them, but that wont come until the foundations of an ethno-state have first been laid.

Andy Donner takes a break from the real-politik to remind people that the primary focus of what he does online, is business and not pleasure. If people have questions, they should search the site for answers, rather than expecting others to be their own personal search engine.

Gretchen reviews ‘The Real Right Returns’ by Daniel Friberg this week and the Trucker is in Mississippi caught up in a winter blast, which inspires him to talk about the winter weather in the northwest.

Harold returns to finish the podcast with some more on White Nationalist turnover and how success is now measured by audience share rather than by members.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Giving Not Taking - RFN 020118

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