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Streaming Alt-Right Audio 24 Hours a Day


Radio Free Northwest: Why No Audio-Books – RFN 022218


Harold Covington starts this week’s podcast by explaining why he has never produced any audiobooks, before reading the introduction to ‘A Mighty Fortress’ and after that, we get some read by somebody else.

Next we get some commentary on the mystery meat Nicholas Cruz, who shot up a school before being arrested. Harold thinks he looks White at first glance and reminds listeners that skin colour may be the most obvious of race differences but is not the most important. He thinks it was a typical millennial fruitcake who just got fed up of it all.

Lauren Rose then gives us her thoughts on this and the recent actions of the ADL claiming that he was a White Nationalist, which has now been completely discredited.

Gretchen reviews Henry Albert Phillips’ ‘Germany Today’ which was written in 1935 and the Trucker is in Washington talking about rivers in the northwest.

Harold finishes the podcast with a reprise of ‘Who Guards the Guardians’ looking at the FBI having an informer who was a hitman, who they allowed to continue in his day job and even went so far as to frame 4 innocent men for one of his murders. The FBI’s conduct was intentional and the innocent men were awarded multiple millions of dollars, leading to a congressional hearing. We then hear from the informer himself about how he would stab people in the face, arms, legs etc for not paying his money back. He was the first to enter the witness protection program and the first to then be shot dead by those he informed upon.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Why No Audio-Books – RFN 022218

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