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The Daily Nationalist: The Aid for AIDS Scandal - DN 021218

dn 021218

Sven Longshanks hosts a solo episode of The Daily Nationalist looking at the recent scandal in Britain of third world relief charities covering up for paedophiles. Over 120 workers were fired from the leading charities in just this last year alone for sexually abusing children, with seven having to leave Oxfam including the charity director of the country Haiti. This is being kept out of the main news and they are claiming it was just about prostitution instead, but who would go to Haiti to sleep with Black prostitutes? You are pretty much guaranteed to get AIDS.

The Head of Oxfam is allegedly Jewish and as soon as the perverts were sacked, they were taken on again straight away by the Wold Jewish Relief Fund. The Jews have a lot to do with Oxfam, they send them money and Oxfam in return promises not to support any boycotts of Israel. The British Board of Deputies helped broker this deal to protect Israel and they even put out a press release to confirm this.

Other charities involved in the scandal include ‘Save The Children’ and who used to be a senior executive for this charity that spends all it’s money on feeding negroes overseas? That’s right, Brendan Cox, husband of deceased MP Jo Cox. He is in the news at the moment for groping women in America while working for STC and he eventually had to leave after being accused of inappropriate conduct towards staff, so it wasn’t just this one woman he was forcing himself upon.

The last subject talked about today is African Christianity. A pastor in South Africa has just been charged with ‘violating’ his church members by spraying them in the face with high-powered insecticide to cure them from AIDS and cancer. This follows on from him trying to crush church members to death which he also claimed would cure them. He also has a disciple who just feeds them rats and snakes in the hope it will drive demons out, but apparently the most effective remedy of all is the bug spray. Well, at least that’s better than the traditional African cure for AIDS.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: The Aid for AIDS Scandal - DN 021218


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